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Telephone communications, standard and satellite telecasting

                                        Satellite Internet

The major part of systems of satellite Internet exists for those people who are already connected with the world-wide-web through a telephone or allocated line and those who have already learnt by their own experience how it is painstaking to wait until the required (and even worse unneeded one) site is open. If you look for a reliable surfing in the Web and the way to get the large quantities of information quickly and without problems the satellite Internet is what you need. The satellite Internet system becomes a peculiar accelerator of usual Internet. You, as before, send your requests (as a matter of fact, very short ones and they do not require a high speed of transmission) by land through your local provider, and as a response you get hundreds of kilobytes of the graphics, video, archives that are coming by a high speed stream to your satellite dish, and then through several meters of cable to a plate in your computer. As you see, the access is asymmetrical because the signals go from you by land, but they come to you at a high speed via satellite.

There are also systems of symmetrical access, that is to and from via satellite. It is expensive but may be justified, if a local quality of communications is very low or the communications are not available at all. Then the satellite Internet is a single opportunity to arrange the access to the web. But this is related to the other funds and other problems, because you will have a transmitter which must be registered with etc.

                                      Satellite telecasting

At present the satellite television presents us with a unique opportunity to enjoy hundreds of TV- and radio programs from the whole world. Adding some satellite equipment to your TV-set, you will open a window to the world of television. On the territory of the city of Penza and Penza Region the services of several operators of the satellite television are provided enabling you to get a round-the-clock access to the programs on the Russian and foreign languages. The existing systems of satellite TV are sub-divided on two categories: free TV and subscription TV. In the first case you need regularly pay a license fee to get an access, in the second case all your expenditures will be limited by purchase of satellite equipment. Transmission for satellites may be executed both by digital and analogous methods. Without going into technical details, one has to note that the first method provides better quality of image and sound at higher cost of equipment, and the second one is a cheaper (budgetary) version. Though, at present practically all satellites are switched to the digital mode of broadcast. Many programs are transmitted with stereo-sound, and some of them are equipped with a sound track enabling you to select a desired option by pressing the button of a terminal. Depending on what channels do you prefer, we will select for you an optimal operator of satellite television, influencing, in its turn, on the size and direction of a satellite dish as well as the cost of satellite equipment as a whole.

Standard television

 By offering you an improvement of quality of reception of the standard TV, we assume that each of channels transmitted by TV station has its own quality inherent in it only, and you can improve this quality only to some extent, partially. The conditions of broadcast are different for different frequencies, the transmitter capacity of each telecasted channel is also different and sometimes differs from each other by several times. Even in the case of successful orientation of aerial towards the TV station the reception of various programs will be different. In order to ensure the equally good quality of reception of all programs, one has to reduce them to a common denominator understandable for your TV set. The better quality of image you want to get, the more complex transformations of TV signal are required, and the more expensive and more complex equipment for these purposes is required. The professional preliminary diagnosis of location of installation of aerial will allow you to make a precise choice of equipment for reception of programs on the territory of your city and its nearest suburbs. Weve prepared some possible options for reception of air programs on the territory of our city and its nearest suburbs. The options of equipment for receiving are somehow different for different Districts of the Region, but these standard sets will help you improve the quality of reception of TV programs by your TV sets. We will try to prepare the particular recommendations and solutions for each District of the Region.

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Telephone communications, standard and satellite telecasting
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